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Amazing Nuclear Powered Garden Shed

Gardens sheds are really practical additions to any garden and there is no reason why they can't be used for many different and creative uses. Over many years summerhouses have been increasing in popularity but a basic 'bread and butter' shed can be just as versatile. This is because not only can they store the garden tools and furniture away they can be use as places of inspiration and creativity.

Among the many people who have been inspired in sheds and to be creative was David Charles Hahn, a young man who was 17 at the time. However, he took this to the extreme by trying to build a home made breeder nuclear reactor in his backyard retreat. He became known as the 'Radioactive Boy Scout' for his pursuits in his shed which remained unpublished until a Harpers article written by journalist Ken Silverstein in 1998. Hahn also was also behind the Silverstein's book called 'The Radioactive Boy Scout' about Hahn and his infamous shed.

Hahn who was a boy scout in the Boy Scout's of America, in Commerce Township, Michigan, and conducted his experiments in the garden shed at his mother's home. This was a quiet place where he could work away from any disturbances and in peace. Whilst he was not successful, which is not surprising as Iran have all their scientists working on a nuclear reactor at the moment, his work in the garden shed attracted the attention of the local police who discovered radioactive materials in the boot of his car. As you can appreciate he was not too popular with his aims.
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About 10 months later the garden shed and his mother's home and property was cleaned by the Superfund Cleanup site to remove all radioactive materials. However, Hahn had earned the right to be Eagle Scout rank in the Boy Scouts of America prior to the discovery of his experiments. I don't think there is a badge for creating a Nuclear Reactor, but I understand there is one for Atomic Energy, which is a far cry from what was available to me in the Scouts in the 1960's and I know Lord Baden Powell said that scouts should be creative but I don't think he meant to go as far as this.

A little less controversial use of a wooden shed is by Damien Hirst who uses his down in Devon for his painting. He said that with practice you can make great paintings and the perfect place for him is his garden shed. It would appear that the solitude and peace and quiet of the 'man cave' is the reason behind this creativity. Maybe the mere fact that a garden shed is often used for making things can create inspiration. Either way these buildings are well loved members of the garden community.

Many authors have used their garden sheds to write some of their best work and this includes Roald Dahl who used his shed to write his very popular children's stories. His family were very keen to preserve this building for the museum and they have raised an appeal so it can be added to their collection. In history there are many more examples where these buildings are used creatively.

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